Watching a good movie with friends is a fun experience. But watching a bad movie with friends, is an unforgettable experience. You and your friends reminisce for years about “that god awful movie.” And that’s what One Star Cinema is all about!

At One Star Cinema, we look at those Netflix recommendations for terrible movies (that you secretly want to checkout) and we say “Let’s do this!” And with no script or preconceived notions about the movie, we push play and see what stupid things come out of our mouths. Sometimes we’re interesting, sometimes we’re thought provoking, and sometimes we come close to being funny. Lucky for us, we occasionally have a friend join us and bring the funny with them!

It’s important to note, this is not about shaming the hard work the people put into making these movies. The three hosts are filmmakers as well, and know how hard it is to complete a film, let alone get distribution for it.

So dim the lights, gather some friends (or just sit alone in the dark) and join us as we laugh, scream and have fun watching bad movies with One Star Cinema.